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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

♥ Rainy Season

It's the time of the rain.

♥ When you think of happiness, I hope you think of me.
11:58 am

Sunday, December 18, 2011

♥ Rain

Sometime I like rainy weather. It is cooling and a good weather to sleep in.

It's like tears of joy from the mother nature and the plants will rejoice when the rain falls down on them.

It's like the sky is crying on behalf of you. Crying for joy, your pain, your sorrow.

Crying for the times when you are sad but your tears just wouldn't fall.

Crying for the times when you are sad for no reason.

Crying for the times when you hold back your tears to stay strong for the others.

Crying for the times when you hold back your tears so that others will not see it.

The rain washes the sorrow and tears. When walking in the rain, you can't tell it is the tear or the rain.

But after every rain, there will be a rainbow awaiting.

♥ When you think of happiness, I hope you think of me.
1:26 am

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

♥ Mooncake making session

We decided to make some mooncakes out of the blue.

The process of making is tiring but when u are with fiends, it makes things easier.

I actually likes the mooncake, probably I am bias. But mooncakes, with two of my favourite snacks, marshmallow and chocolate, and is self made, there is no reason for me to hate it.

Other than mooncakes, we made kimchi soup as well.

I will just let the pictures do the talking.

♥ When you think of happiness, I hope you think of me.
7:16 am

Friday, September 02, 2011

I haven’t been blogging for a LOOOOG time, and I blame my laziness for that.

There’s nothing much worth blogging about since the people who read this blog most probably already know what’s important and what’s going on in my life.


What’s new in my life:

- I PASSED ALL MY EXAMS!! (YEEEPEEE!! Going on to Year 2.)

- I don’t really like my PT job but it is ending soon (:


What actually brought me back to blogging is this movie Crazy, Stupid Love. Some people may not find it very inspirational or this movie is just not their kind of movie. But it is definitely mine. It is funny, romantic, crazy and heartwarming, all in one.

The title says it all. It’s about Crazy, Stupid Love. Love can make people do crazy things and stupid things (which is kind of true, sometimes). There are a lot of quotes in the movie that I find really funny and some really heartwarming. I really admire the script writer, I wonder how he/she came out with all those scripts.

The funny ones:

- “You know when I told you when I had to work late? I really went to go see the new twilight movie by myself, and it was so bad.”

- Jacob Palmer: [removes his shirt]
Hannah: Seriously? It's like you're photoshopped!

The ones that I like the most are:

- "When you find the one, you never give up."
- I'm so mad at you. I'm really mad at you for what you did. But I'm mad at myself too. Because I should not have jumped out of that car - I should have fought for you. Because you fight for your soul mates.”

So, if you really like this romantic comedy, go and watch it (:


Future plans….


There is basically no future plan yet.

Or, maybe there are. There are just too many, and I don’t know which one I really want to fulfil

- School: Which module to take? Something I useful, something I am interested in or something easy to score?

- Work: Should I get a job related to what I am studying? Will I get a job after graduation? What is my dream job?

- Other things I want to do: There are SO many.

Conclusion: Go with the flow. Things will happen when it happens. So why bother?

I am such a bad example :P

♥ When you think of happiness, I hope you think of me.
2:03 am

Monday, August 09, 2010

this blog is getting too quiet. I should post something.

Last friday was my last day of work. I am actually missing that place a little. Seeing how I can't wait for it to end, it's kind of irony. But the people there are actually quite nice. I realise that I spoke the most to my supervisor is during the last 2 days. They were the busiest day out of my few months there. But busy is good, time flies when I am busy.

I went to work with an empty bag but back with a bag full of goodies. Got quite a few stuff from Mecedes Benz. I like the bag that my sup gave me. It's pink(the inside) <3
But all the stuffs are branded with Mercedes Benz. How I wish I could get a free car instead =P
I'd went to the Marina Bay Sands yesterday. It's really a fun experience. I felt like I was a tourist. Went to the Helix bridge and swam at the rooftop pool. A great experience. Though I wish that it's less crowded. But it's free so i am not complaining.

2 more weeks and school's starting. I have mix feelings about it. I want to be at home and do nothing but when it gets boring I wish that I am in school. All I can do now is to wait. Meanwhile, I should just enjoy my "no school" life before it's gone.

♥ When you think of happiness, I hope you think of me.
1:07 am

Thursday, May 27, 2010

These just put a smile on my face :)

I actually had goosebumps after reading this. Nawww.....

♥ When you think of happiness, I hope you think of me.
8:09 pm

Sunday, May 02, 2010

♥ Perth

Oh man, this place is so dead. Jasmine, update!!

I miss Perth :(
I miss the nice cold weather.

I miss all the lovely people I'd met and the fun that we had.
I miss the great food.
... cheap pizza.... and NANDO'S
I miss our awsome plans.
I miss playing bridge and monopoly
... Jenga
... DEAL!
... and Snakes & Ladders.
I miss how we girls rule at our monopoly games :)

Most of all, I miss her.
I love how we enjoy doing nothing in our pyjamas all day and still enjoy it.

I love how we can have the same craving for maggie noodles in the morning.
I love how we are proud of the way we eat.

I miss how we laugh at the same things...

... and sulk at waking up early.I miss our D&Ms.

I love how our mind works.

I miss all the fun we had.

♥ When you think of happiness, I hope you think of me.
7:41 pm



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